Xardija’s Caterers Delicious Recipes

LocalBajan.com is a website about Barbados and seeing life through the eyes of a Barbadian. This segment is about recipes that you will find Bajans cooking and eating regularly. You may only find certain dishes in Barbados unless a Bajan takes it with them or make it when they travel. Considering this fact, I want to share some of the tastiest food you will ever eat on the island of Barbados.

These recipes are creations of a professional catering company that offers the best food you will ever eat. This company’s name is XARDIJA’s, known to many Barbadians and loved for their tasty recipes and professionalism. All credit goes to XARDIJA’s for any recipes featured on this site. If you ever visit Barbados and want the best food on the island, then call them; you will be glad you did. You can reach them at 825-0084 or 2656361 and let your requests be known.

I encourage you to stay tuned because the foods you will see from them are their own and showcase what it is to be Bajan. If you are looking for delicious succulent recipes, look no further; you have come to the right place. You can follow them on their social media Instagram and Facebook pages here.

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