Xardija’s Barbadian Conkies Recipe

Are you in for a treat? Then check out this recipe that shows you how to make an old Bajan delicacy that is enjoyed year round , but particularly during our independence celebrations. Check out these delicious Bajan Conkies!


2 Cups Corn Flour

½ Cup Grated Coconut

½ Cup Pre-Sifted Flour

6 Oz. Margarine Melted

6 Oz. Vegetable Shortening

½ Lb Sweet Potatoes

1 Egg (Optional)

1 Tsp Salt

4 Oz. Raisins (Optional)

¾ Cups Brown Sugar

1 Cup Milk

1 Grated Nutmeg

1 Tsp Cinnamon

For Folding:

Fig, Banana or Plantain Leaves (Singed over fire and cut into squares)


1. Combine coconut, sweet potato and pumpkin

2. Mix sugar, all spices, pre-sifted flour, corn flour and salt to mixture

3. Add raisins and (egg optional)

4. Add milk, margarine and shortening and combine

(The mixture must be thick and drop slowly from a spoon)

Place 2 teaspoons of mixture in the middle of the signed leaf square and fold neatly. The conkie can be tied with strings or left-over leaves if necessary, for added security. (Adding too much mixture to leaf can cause it to tear and/or leak)

To steam place a large pot lined with the banana stems midway and cover with water, allow the water to come to a slow boil which releases steam. Place the conkies into the pot over the boiling water and allow them to steam until firm to the touch.

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      1. tamales are like corn husk wrapped flour delicacies (with pork, beef, chicken, just cheese) haha idk! im not mexican but i know how to make them. its a mexican recipe i think.

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