Barbados Boardwalk, A South Coast Chill

This Barbados Boardwalk, A South Coast Chill, is popular with tourists and locals. There are three main boardwalks on the coastlines, one coastline is the west coast, south west, and the other the south coast. Today we are looking at an area along the south coast that is a favorite among many people. I had mentioned The Boardwalk in a previous article, so today, it will be featured along with its surrounding environs.

The Boardwalk’s location is Hastings in Christ Church. This information will help anyone interested in Barbados and offers a better grasp of what to expect when you visit. So without further ado, let us look at The Boardwalk, the south coast chilling spot.

Barbados Accommodation

The Boardwalk is very close to the Rockley Beach area, which means many of the hotels are nearby. The eastern and western sides of The Boardwalk have hotels spread along its coast. The establishment of Airbnb makes it easy for persons to rent a guesthouse; this is another option for visitors. It is possible to leave your accommodations and walk directly to The Boardwalk and the beach.

barbados transportation

Barbados Transportation

The same that applied to places like Oistins and Rockley Beach is true for The Boardwalk. The south coast is a busy area of Barbados, with lots of businesses along its highway. Public and private transportation ply this route due to the amount of employment from these businesses. There is no hassle catching a bus, van, or taxi if you need to go anywhere after leaving The Boardwalk. You can always rent a private vehicle; most persons contact a local rental in advance.

Barbados Food

The Boardwalk has many food establishments along the way for anyone to choose as they please. Some are directly on the walk itself, while others are a short distance away. These restaurants offer local and international cuisine if you prefer fast food that is available too. You can leave the walk and head over to the other side of the road for more food choices if you desire.

barbados boardwalk

Barbados Beachfront

If you visit The Boardwalk and traverse its entire distance, you will notice the beachfront has sandy beaches, and some parts have boulders. The sea can get very hostile in this part of the coastline, so these implemented measures prevent damage to buildings and beach erosion. The beachfront aspect makes The Boardwalk a favorite among locals and tourists as they enjoy the sea breeze and the views.

Barbados Shopping

The Boardwalk has no shopping in its immediate environs, but a short walk will bring you to many shopping areas. You can shop for groceries and other essentials at some of the stores nearby. There are a couple of shopping complexes with various stores that you can patronize. If you need cash for your shopping, you will find multiple banks in the vicinity.

barbados esplanade

Barbados Esplanade

The Boardwalk has many trees and gardens planted along its path. These trees provide shade, and the gardens beautify the area. Amid these gardens is the esplanade, a public structure designed for events and relaxation. Anyone can spend time in this building, but the National Conservation Commission must approve events.

Barbados Activities

The Boardwalk is known for its activities at certain times of the year. I experienced one New Year spectacle of fireworks a few years ago, and it was a thrill. However, some of the restaurants in the area have entertainment for guests; at times, you may come across persons singing songs or instrumentals.

Barbadian Practices

The Boardwalk is a popular date-night destination, used by young and old. Two main spots along the walk are popular for patrons, the Kentucky restaurant area and the esplanade area. These are the chilling spots along the promenade, so persons take full advantage of the sites. Since the inception of The Boardwalk, this has become a common practice.

If you are looking for an attraction that allows you to enjoy many aspects of Barbadian life, then The Boardwalk should be on your list of places. As mentioned before, a place to stay isn’t an issue; transportation is a breeze. Shopping and dining are a no-brainer with a large number of choices up and down the street.

You can see many things and do just as much when you visit The Boardwalk. If you are looking for a place to chill and be at ease, then be sure to take note of this Barbados boardwalk, a place to chill and relax.

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