Barbados Holetown West Coast Style

Barbados Holetown is another town you will find on the west coast of the island. This town has a rich history like Bridgetown, Oistins, and Speightstown. It is the last town in Barbados on the list of cities situated throughout the island. Holetown’s location is in the parish of St.James and dates back to 1625.

One of the disadvantages of this town is flooding; the landscape is a place that floods easily due to heavy rainfall. These days Holetown is a place with much to do and see. You will learn about shopping, the beach, transport, accommodations, and food. If you want to know more about this city, follow along as I share Holetown’s west coast style.

Barbados St.James Parish Church

Barbados Holetown Historic Sites

As mentioned earlier, the town is rich in history, and a walk along the area will reveal this to you. The city’s historical structures include churches and monuments to celebrate the soldiers who died in World War one and two. Ther is a museum that will share much more history about Holetown and Barbados. The churches are St.James Parish Church and the Holetown Methodist Church.

Barbados Accommodations

The Holetown area has no lack of places you can stay. There are hotels to the north and south of the town. Many hotels are on the beachfront, allowing patrons the ability to head straight to the sand for a refreshing dip in the ocean. If you prefer a guesthouse for a more private setting, try Airbnb.

Barbados Holetown Accommodation

Barbados Transportation

Access to Holetown is a simple process as Highway One passes through the city. The route has public buses and vans making their way to and from Bridgetown and Speightstown. Another option is to rent a vehicle or hire a private taxi. No matter what you decide to do, getting to Holetown is easy.

Barbados Shopping

There is plenty of places to shop in Holetown and the surroundings. There are a supermarket and medical facility with lots of parking. The Limegrove Lifestyle Centre is the only mall in Holetown, and there are lots to do. You will also find a movie theater and a host of stores and restaurants. Whatever you may need, you can get it all in Holetown. If you need medical attention, the Sandy Crest Medical Centre is on site.

Barbados Limgrove Lifestyle Centre

Barbados Cuisine

There is a high concentration of restaurants and local shops in and around the Holetown area. If you visit or stay in this city, it won’t take long to find something to eat. I had mentioned the supermarket earlier, look for the Massy sign. The highway has a few local shops to try the local dishes like cutters, fishcakes, sweetbread, rock cakes, and other goodies.

Barbados Beach

Holetown lies on the west coast with a beachfront that locals and visitors can enjoy. The beach has easy access from the main road, and you can have a full day on its shores if you desire. The beach has many activities ongoing at any given time during the day. You can enjoy a boat ride, go snorkeling, swim with turtles, ride a jet ski, or chill on the white sand along its coast.

Barbados Holetwon Beach

Barbados Security

The beach has lifeguards on the spot to ensure all swimmers and sea personnel are safe. There is a hut on the beach that serves as a lookout. There is also a police station in Holetown, so reaching out for help shouldn’t be an issue. Some of the beaches usually have beach wardens from the National Conservation Commission. These help to keep the beaches clean and safe.

Barbados Entertainment

Holetown has a festival that celebrates the history of the establishment of the town. During this time, there are concerts, a parade, and fairs. The festival happens in February to commemorate the first English settlement in the area. Due to the coronavirus, the likelihood of the festival happening soon is doubtful.

 barbados Holetown local shop

Entertainment Continued

You can find other activities to entertain you in Holetown as well. The Limegrove Lifestyle Centre is a popular liming spot for couples and friends. I had talked about the cinema where you can watch movies and chill. Other local entertainments in the vicinity attract locals and visitors.

If you are looking to learn more about the island, then Holetown Barbados should be one of your stops as well. According to historians, Holetown was the first town of Barbados, and eventually, its founder made its way to Bridgetown. When you visit Barbados, check out Holetown west coast style.

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