Barbados Folkstone Marine Reserve

The Barbados Folkstone Marine Reserve is a popular picnic spot for many locals. It is a compact area that offers a variety of activities you can enjoy. The reserves’ location is Holetown in the parish of St.James. The park’s history dates back to the 1600s and 1700s; you can learn more about how this place came to be by visiting

The Folkstone marine’s popularity makes it an ideal spot to check out all it offers. What you will find here proves the reason for it being such a desirable place to go. Today we want to look at what you can do and what to expect when you visit Folkstone. The reserve itself dates to 1981 and has since seen many additions to the property.

Barbados Folkstone
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Barbados Folkstone Beach

There is a beach at Folkstone that you won’t see from the roadside until you enter the park. The beach is rocky in some areas and sandy in others. You can swim at the beach; however, most persons enjoy the activities on the water. The nearness of the reef to shore makes for an adventurous dive if you dare. You will find the boardwalk along the coastline of the beach a nice touch.

Barbados Sea Time

Folkstone allows persons to snorkel for a better view of the reef. The inshore reef is a favorite among diving enthusiasts. You can see various types of fish as you swim around this recreational area in the sea. The reef is very close to the shore; hence the term inshore reef, the water can have shallow levels. You can see the reef in the water; that is how low it can get.

Barbados Folkstone Boardwalk

Barbados Glass Bottom Boat

Taking a ride in the glass-bottom boat is another way you can see the bottom of the sea. This option is for those who prefer to stay dry and don’t want to dive or swim. The boat takes you a distance offshore, where you can see fish swim under the boat. The transparent glass gives a full view of the reef below.

Barbados Folkstone Marine Grounds

The grounds of the marine reserve has many sections for patrons to picnic. The site’s design allows more than one picnicker’s group to visit Folkstone on the same day unless the group is extensive. The compound has many trees for shade and picnic tables for persons to sit and eat their food. The design allows persons to be far apart if necessary; it is a roomy place despite its size. It is compact due to the location, tucked gently between houses on either side.

Barbados Folkstone Marine Reserve

Barbados Marine Play Park

The grounds have a play park where children can enjoy themselves. The park has swings, slides, and see-saws so the kids can have fun. This feature is a great way to keep young minds occupied while parents relax and enjoy the time outdoors. The park tucked neatly away in a corner doesn’t interfere with the picnic space.

Barbados Folkstone Basketball Court

The grounds also have a fenced court for basketball, which offers protection to those using the compound. The court is large, and many persons can play at once. If you visit Folkstone, you would often find persons playing ball. If you do find others playing, if you want, you can join the game; ask a question. You will also find a tennis court if you are up to a contest.

Barbados Folkstone Marine Reserve grounds

Barbados Folkstone Marine Bath Facility

You will find a structure that allows persons to take a bath or deal with other needs. You can use it for a change of clothes, before and after using the beach. The facilities are there for anyone who visits the park. These facilities are handy as persons remove the sand and saltwater off their skin.

Barbados Folkstone Museum

The marine reserve comes equipped with a museum where you can view fish doing their own thing. The aquarium is part of an educational facility where you can learn more about marine life. You can view marine life via photographs. You can also acquire souvenirs and other items while at Folkstone.

Barbados Folkstone

Barbados Beach Security

The beach area has a lifeguard hut on site that allows lifeguards to view the beach and sea fully. These individuals are well trained and will keep swimmers safe in the event of any difficulty while in the water. Persons are always encouraged to visit beaches where you can find lifeguards. Your chances of staying safe increase one hundredfold compared to a place where there are no lifeguards.

Barbados Folkstone Marine Reserve & Vistors Center is a place you should visit. When in Barbados, this is another place you can add to your to-do list as you will find many things to do here. Whenever you decide to visit this little island, I hope you find your stay pleasant and enjoyable.

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