Barbados Harrison’s Cave Adventure

Barbados Harrison’s Cave is an extravagant system of caverns that travel under the earth. The cave promises an incredible experience to anyone brave enough to venture its depths, twists, and curves through the limestone rock. The atmosphere is a wet and humid one, so be prepared to face the site’s chilly feeling.

Many locals and visitors have seen this place and loved it. It may be your turn to see what is so special about this place. Listening to others’ experiences is one thing, but knowing for yourself is better; let us look at the wonders of Harrison Cave and its surroundings.

Barbados Harrison’s Cave History

For decades, the cave, known to locals, was just an ordinary hole in the ground until exploration commenced in 1970. The Barbados National Trust hired Ole Sorensen, a speleologist, to chronicle the cave’s entire system. Since the days of investigation, the cavern has transformed into a place anyone can visit and is a famous Barbadian attraction.

Barbados Harrison's Cave Tram ride

Barbados Harrison’s Cave Transformation

The cave’s development included the opening of tunnels and added lighting. They rerouted streams that ran through the caverns to areas where they wouldn’t be a hindrance. Officials installed tram tracks so patrons could sit as they drove through the tunnels and take in the scenery. The work done to the cave has made the area a beauty to behold.

Barbados Harrison’s Cave Location

Harrison’s Cave’s location is Allen View, St.Thomas, a central parish of the island. The landscape of this place is full of trees and rock, expected with a cave structure. The hiking path to the attraction is an experience in itself as you walk downward on steps with guardrails. This path gives you an idea of the vast complex and the fact that under your feet are tunnels and caving system pathways.

Barbados Harrison's Cave pathway

Barbados Harrison’s Cave Tour

The tour uses trams to take patrons throughout the cavern’s maze of tunnels. The journey takes you deep under the earth, and you will see stalagmites and stalactites, which decorate the roof and floor of the cave. There are lakes, streams, and pools of water along the way; no swimming in pools is allowed. What you can do is leave the tram and walk the path that surrounds the water. The cavern walls display different colors due to the type of rocks and soil in the cave.

Barbados Transportation

The easiest way to get to the cave is by tour; many people have opted to book tours ahead of time. There are other ways though not as efficient. You can rent a vehicle for your personal use or hire a private taxi to drive you around. The last option, the cheapest of all, is to take public transport. The departure location of the bus is the Princess Alice Terminal along President Kennedy Drive. The route four bus is the one to take to Welchman Hall Gully. That bus marked Shorey Village will take you to Harrison’s Cave. A trip usually lasts between thirty to forty minutes, depending on traffic and stops.

Barbados Harrison's Cave inside

Barbados Harrison’s Cave Hours And Fees

The cost of entry for the cave is fifty Barbados dollars for adults and twenty-five dollars for children. The tours start at 9:00 am, and the last one finishes before 4:00 pm as that is the closing time. The time dedicated to each tour is one hour, so be prepared to spend some time in the earth beneath. You will find gift shops on-site if you desire to buy souvenirs and such.

Barbados Harrison’s Cave Website

The Barbados Harison’s Cave has a website that persons can visit for more information. You will see some frequently asked questions and learn more about their offers. You can book a tour, see photos, reviews and learn more about their products. The cave has a beautiful landscape that allows persons to book special events.

 barbados Harrison's Cave shops

Barbados Harrison’s Cave Offers

The company that runs Harrison’s Cave’s daily operations caters for special events like weddings and other functions. The event doesn’t include going into the cave but rather the surroundings and the property, which caters to personal needs. If you want to know more about what they allow on the property, visit their website and give them a call. The cave offers other packages, but things are on hold for the moment since the coronavirus pandemic. Be sure to check regularly for any changes.

The Barbados Harrison’s Cave is truly a place of beauty and intrigue. If you plan to visit this little island in the future, be sure to note this cave. I am sure you will find the visit a truly memorable one.

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