Barbados Grenade Hall Forest

Barbados Grenade Hall Forest and Signal Station is an attraction in the northern part of the island. Its location is Benny Hill, in the parish of St.Peter. The local interest, surrounded by many other places to see, will give you an experience that makes the trip worth it. You will spot green monkeys and other animals in the lush vegetation, so don’t be startled if you come across any. The site has spectacular views due to its location; this means you are in for a treat. Today, join me as I take a look at Grenade Hall Forest and Signal Station in Barbados.

Barbados grenade hall signal station

Barbados Grenade Signal Station History

The history of the signal station dates back to the early 1800s. The station formed part of a group of signal stations that operated in unison to warn against intruders, hurricanes, or rebellion from slaves who worked the plantations at the time. The station was part of a network that included Gun Hill Signal Station and Cotton Tower Signal Station.

Barbados Grenade Hall Forest History

The forest surrounding the signal station and environs is a by-product of the work that brought the signal station to being. The forest stands as a part of the attraction with animals, birds, and various trees, plants, and shrubs. The forest connects to the Barbados Wildlife Reserve, allowing patrons to access that area as well.

Barbados Grenade hall monkey

Barbados Grenade Hall Signal Station

The signal station is open to the public and has many artifacts that persons can view. The station has two floors and many windows that soldiers used for vantage points. If you visit the station, it would be evident that the trees would have been shorter to allow soldiers to have a clear view.

Barbados Grenade Hall Forest

The forest is diverse, with trails and signs to guide you along the way. The posted signs you will encounter are full of valuable information regarding medicinal plants and much more. The forest, equipped with benches in different locations, is for anyone who wants to take a break and sit or relax.

Barbados Grenade Hall Caves

Grenade Hall has a cave system that historians claim Amerindians used during hurricane season, long before the British set foot on the island. You can visit the cave and see how extensive it is and what it must have been like for those who used it for shelter. The cave is clean inside, and I am sure you will find the experience exciting.

Barbados Grenade Hall Cave

Barbados Transport

You should plan your trip early for those who wish to visit the Grenade Hall Forest and Signal Station. No public buses will take you directly to the spot, but rather pass close to the area. You will need to walk about a mile or so to reach your destination. It is better to hire a private taxi or rent a vehicle.

Barbados Accommodation

If you are looking for someplace close by to stay, several hotels are on the east coast. You will find the Atlantis Hotel in Tent Bay in the parish of St.Joseph. Another hotel is New Edgewater, located in Bathsheba in the parish of St.Joseph as well. These hotels also cater to the needs of their patrons, so food isn’t an issue.

Barbados Food

If you are in the Grenade Hall attraction area and seek local food or something to drink to refresh yourself, you will find many shops within a mile to the west. If you drive in either direction, it won’t be long before you come across a shop along the roadside. You can always walk with refreshments if that is easier.

Other Barbadian Attractions

There are other attractions in the vicinity that you can visit if you so desire. I had already mentioned the Barbados Wildlife Reserve; there is also Farley Hill Park, the National Park of Barbados. You could always plan to visit all three on the same day for a full tour of the area. There are many other areas close by that you can patronize too.

As you can see, the Barbados Grenade Hall Forest and Signal Station is a place you can add to the sites on this island to visit. It is rich in history with lots to see and enjoy. The bonus for visiting this site is accessibility to the Barbados Wildlife Reserve and the knowledge gained as you learn about the useful plants for your health. The views are amazing, and the monkey will keep you dazzled with their climbing skills. If you plan to visit Barbados in the future, I am sure this information will be helpful.

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