Barbados Animal Flower Cave Attraction

Barbados Animal Flower Cave is an attraction located in the north of the island. This attraction is a world-renown place, known for the experience locals and tourists enjoy when they visit. The cave has creatures called animal flowers, but their correct name is sea anemones. These sea creatures can sting fish with their tentacles, which causes paralysis. Once rendered immobile, the anemones consume the fish. The cave got its name from the flower-like creatures found in the pools in the cave.

barbados animal flower cave

Barbados Animal Flower Cave History

According to historians, the cave discovery resulted from two British men passing through the sea in the north of the island. In 1780, the explorers saw the opening, and a search of the area revealed a cave inside the rock formation. The pressure from the incoming waves is responsible for the decaying of the rock. The entry to the cave is via a blowhole that has steps built into the rock in 1912.

Barbados Accommodations Near The Cave

There are no close accommodations to the Animal Flower Cave unless you hire a private residence. For more information on this possibility, visit Airbnb for more details. For those seeking the closest hotel, the west or east of the island is your best choice. These hotels include Sea Symphony Villa in Checker Hall, and Little Good Harbor in Shermans, both in St.Lucy. You can find more hotels in St.Peter around Speightstown and Bathsheba, St.Joseph to the east.

barbados animal flower cave

Barbados Transportation To The Flower Cave

There are three ways anyone can go to the Animal Flower Cave if they desire. These are public transport, private vehicle, and private taxi. Hiring a private taxi is the most comfortable option but can be expensive. Renting a car is another good option, but it requires knowledge of the area. You can use the Google location services or a map to help. The last option is by public transport. Route one bus (Connell Town) from the Princess Alice Highway Terminal will take you to your destination. The terminal’s location is Bridgetown, the capital of Barbados.

Barbados Animal Flower Cave Shopping

You will realize that you can buy various items when you visit the cave’s location. There is a shanty shop in the area that sells different types of trinkets made of shells and other things from the sea. There is also a snack shop and a place for dining if you want to refresh yourself. You can bring lunch if you wish, but know you don’t have to if buying from these establishments is simpler.

barbados animal flower cave chilling spot

Barbados Animal Flower Cave Chilling Spot

The grounds surrounding the cave has received a lot of development during the years of operation. The area has seating, trees for shade, and an outlook to enjoy the ocean views. The cave is near the most northern point of Barbados and is full of cliffs. These make for fantastic viewing of the Atlantic Ocean. The grounds have a play park for the kids to enjoy while you take a break and relax.

Barbados Animal Flower Cave Swimming

Persons can swim in the water of the caves. Some of the pools in the cave are deep enough for you to submerge your entire body. When you enter the water pools, the animal flowers close their tentacles to protect themselves from individuals. If you stay still long enough, you will see them reopen their tentacles to replicate their flower-like appearance.

barbados animal flower cave attractions

Barbados Animal Flower Cave Other Attractions

The cave’s main attraction is the anemones, but you can find other attractions on the caves’ walls. For those with excellent imaginations, the rock formations will show a lizard and turtle-like shape. You will see colors of brownish, greenish, and pinkish colors splattered upon the cave’s inside.

Barbados Animal Flower Cave Opening Hours

The Animal Flower Cave is opened at 11:00 am and has its last tour around 3:30 pm. During this time of the day, the sun is bright, and visitors can better view the sea anemones. The cost is Barbados fifteen dollars for adults and five dollars for children if you are Barbadian. Tourists pay twenty-five dollars for adults and ten dollars for children. For more information about visiting the cave check out

barbados animal flower cave

I hope you found the information about the Animal Flower Cave in Barbados helpful. This place is just one of many attractions that you can see across this island. However, it is the only known sea cave and is famous among those who live here and visit our lovely shores. If you haven’t been to Barbados or never visited during your stay, you can make plans for your next visit to see this little cave in the country’s north.

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