Barbados Gun Hill Signal Station

The Gun Hill signal station in Barbados is a famous attraction for visitors and locals. This wonderful attraction stands perched on a hill in the parish of St.George, surrounded by trees and plants. The station is a reminder of a long-past era when colonial ties were much stronger. These days, Gun Hill remains listed as a place that persons can visit and learn more about how it came to be. If you have never seen this signal station before but have plans to do so in the future,m then this feature will help you learn more about it. Today we take a closer look at Barbados Gun Hill signal station.

Barbados Gun Hill Signal Station History

The station establishment dated to 1818 served as a military post with a strategic position. If you visit this attraction, you will see why this was the case. The structure served to warn officials of an approaching enemy as it could see out to sea. It also warned of dangers like weather and uprisings during the slavery period.

Barbados Gun Hill pathway and history

Barbadian Connections

According to historians, the Gun Hill station was one of many signal stations throughout Barbados. Unfortunately, it is the only one that remains and repairs to its beautiful state as an emblem of the past. A visit to this Barbados icon will reveal where the other signal stations once stood.

Two different signal stations are in existence but fail in comparison to Gun Hill. However, a visit to them is a must and helps complete how the stations would have operated. Cotton Tower signal station’s location is Horse Hill, St.Joseph, and Grenade Hall signal station in Benny Hall, St.Peter. There will be a feature on Grenade Hall later, so look out for that one.

Barbados Gun Hill views

Barbados Views

The unit views the surrounding landscape, allowing persons to see the west and south of the island. The views are stunning as you gaze across a magnificent valley of houses, cane fields, and trees. You will see the many roadways weaving their way across the landscape as you imagine what it was like so long ago.

Barbados Gun Hill Signal Station Structure

The structure is in prime condition, with the Barbados flag flown proudly above its mass. There is a balcony that surrounds the tower allowing persons to enjoy the magnificent views below. The building contains a lower section and a tower. The lower section contains many artifacts that soldiers wore during their time in the military. You will also notice a kitchen that displays what the soldiers’ diet consisted of at that time.

Structure Continued

The tower allows individuals to have a greater perspective of the station’s views due to its height. The station is about seven hundred feet above sea level, which gave the military their advantage. During this time, the British were responsible for the protection of the island filled with plantations.

Barbados Gun Hill surroundings

Barbados Gun Hill Signal Station Environs

The area is stunning, with benches and lamps along its path leading to the building. The station accommodates all who desire to visit this gem with a wheelchair ramp on site. The environment has many gardens that surround the premises that help beautify its location. The landscape, dotted with pathways, adds a nice touch to the station as well.

Barbados Gun Hill Signal Station Story

Spread around the premises and within the rooms of the signal station is historical information. These tokens of information help those who visit its site to understand the functions of the unit better. As mentioned earlier, there are many artifacts that you can learn about as you venture around the place.

Barbados Cuisine

There is a café on-site for those who desire a bite while at the signal station. The café has seating and a deck that allows you to view the landscape as you refresh yourself. You will see picnic tables, and the deck has a covering for protection from the elements. This lovely set up enables patrons to enjoy a relaxing break and enjoy the surroundings.

Barbados Gun Hill lion statue

Barbados Gun Hill Lion Statue

Your visit to Gun Hill will also bring a statue of a white lion to your attention. This statue is an added attraction to the area as it stands out on the site’s hillside. Its carving is from a piece of coral stone completed in 1868 by Captain Henry Wilkinson. The red ball stands as a testament to the power of the British during that time.

The captain was a member of the Gun Hill signal station during that period. He intended to show the might of the British over all other empires. He was assisted by four other members of the military, according to historians.

Gun Hill signal station in St.George, Barbados, is a place you must visit. I hope this information was a great help for anyone who desires to see our lovely shores. Come and enjoy what Bim has to offer.

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