Barbados Crane Beach & Hotel

Barbados Crane Beach and Hotel are very famous locations on the island. The beach derives the name from a crane that once worked the area loading and offloading goods. The hotel called Crane Resorts followed the same and stands out as one of Barbados’ finest resorts. The beach’s location to the hotel makes it a perfect spot for those who love to frolic in the sun and enjoy the resort’s luxury. Today I will take a closer look at the beach and the environs that make this place desirable.

Barbados crane resort accommodation

Barbados Accommodation

The Crane Resort’s location is St.Philip, which sits above the beach and has exceptional views of the surrounding ocean. You can stay at this resort and have direct access to the beach from this place. The resort sits on a cliff overlooking the beach and other areas. If you prefer a cheaper option, there are other places within a few miles of the beach. Another option is to find a guesthouse or place to stay via Airbnb.

Barbados Transport

It may not always be possible to find a close location to the beach at Crane, so that alternative arrangements may be necessary. You can take public transportation by taking the buses and vans that pass that area. The Kirtons and Sam Lord’s Castle Bus will take you to Collington Drive, where you can access Crane Beach. These buses run from the Fairchild Street and Speightstown Terminals, respectively. If you are in Christ Church, these buses will pass through Oistins. You can also rent a vehicle or hire a taxi, depending on your preference.

barbados crane resort food

Barbados Shopping

The Crane Resort has shops where persons can buy clothing and other items. There are also places where you can purchase food, but the neighboring village has places to buy food. If you want other essentials, you can visit Six Roads to find supermarkets, a gas station, banks, and other businesses to address your needs. The Crane area has quite a few establishments; finding what you need will be a breeze.

Barbados Beach Life

The beach life at Crane is exquisite as the hotel caters to its clients. The beach has two access points, one for locals or anyone who wishes to use the beach. The other access is for the guests of the resort. The beach is lovely, with white pinkish sand strung along the coast. The beach is tucked away between two cliffs, so it has a secluded look.

barbados crane resort ameneties

Barbados Beach Amenities

The amenities offered at Crane Beach are private in this case. You can rent umbrellas and chairs for the day at the beach from local vendors and the hotel itself. These are very handy when you feel the need for a break from the sun and other activities. You will find a car park where you can leave your vehicle and take a short walk to the beach for those who drive to the beach.

Barbados Beach Activities

The activities one can do at Crane Beach are few, but you can make your time there fun. The waters are far better than many other east coast beaches, so swimming is possible, but one should exercise care. Persons can spend time surfing and boogie boarding. If you know how to body surf, that is also a fun thing to do. The beach has no lifeguards on duty so swim at your own risk.

crane beach barbados

Barbados Crane Beach Chill

Crane Beach has received tremendous accolades as one of the best beaches in the world. The Rich and Famous series mentioned the Crane Resort and the beach as one of the top ten places to come. I am confident that you will enjoy the environment and the turquoise waters if you spend some time at this beach.

Barbados Beaches Nearby

The beach at Crane has others nearby that you can visit if you desire to see more beaches in Barbados. You can check out Harrismith Beach, Bottom Bay, Foul Bay, and Skeetes Bay, all in the parish of St.Philip. All of the above beaches are accessible by catching a bus or driving yourself. You will find these beaches a great place if you want a change of scenery.

As you would have seen, the Barbados Crane Beach and Resort is an excellent place to go. If you visit this island, remember to add this to your list of beaches to see. I am confident you will be glad you did.

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