12 Ways To Cut Your Energy Bills And Save

Energy conservation is a necessary effort to reduce the over consumption of energy by using less of it. This is done by reducing the amount of a service used or using constant energy more efficiently. This may sound complicated to some, however energy conservation is pretty simple, as simple as turning off a light bulb. Adjusting your day-to-day energy saving behaviors doesn’t mean buying all new modern energy smart appliances, it means making small changes within the household that reduces the energy bill.

Energy is essential and, in a time, where more persons are at home bills are higher as energy use increases. We have listed a number of things that you can do to save additional income and energy. Take a look at these easy ways to save energy at home.

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Unplug What Isn’t In Use

Wasted electricity can happen when appliances are plugged in and are not in use; even charging cables for your smart phones and tablets! The electricity will still flow to these things and the cost can add up. To be on the safe side, unplug anything that is not in use and switch the power off.

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A simple but effective way to reduce heat loss is by using insulation. Insulate your pipes, loft or roof as it is efficient and lasts a lifetime, it is cost effective and saves energy. According to the National Energy Foundation you can save up to 20% with good insulation. Insulation keeps your loft warm in the winter months and prevents your pipes from freezing.

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Switch Out Light Bulbs

Lighting uses the most electricity, to save on lighting switch out your old iridescent light bulbs for LED lights. LED lights use up to 75% less energy and can last up to 25 times longer than iridescent bulbs. Start by switching out bulbs in the areas you use the most, that will make a difference.

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Install Dimmer Switches

Dimmer switches are a great way to reduce your energy usage when paired with new LED light bulbs. Dimmers reduce the flow of electricity and expand the life of bulbs as they use less energy power. Less energy consumption means less expense so you save big and that is something worth thinking about.

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Open Curtain And Drapes

Make good use of the sunlight around you and open your curtains and blinds during daylight hours. The solar energy also helps to heat your home up during winter and provides amazing natural light. This comes at no cost to you! It’s free and amazing!

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Keep A Full Freezer

Did you know keeping your freezer full can assist with cutting energy usage? Here’s how; The food and drinks act as a type of insulation which stops your freezer from overworking to keep things cold. Another alternative is filling up with bags of ice or bags of fruit and vegetables. Remember not to keep the freezer door opened!

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Buy A Slow Cooker

Investing in a slow cooker helps to save energy and time. According to Npower using a slow cooker to cook throughout the day costs about 21p for eight hours of cooking which is 3p per hour, this is equivalent to 20 cents in the United States for a meal. Delicious and cost efficient!

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Cover Pots When Cooking

Covering the pot when cooking keeps the heat in and helps to cook food faster. Every time you use the stove to cook remember to use the lid so that you use less energy. Stoves consume large amounts of energy therefore you should try to minimize cook time.

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Use Appliances At Night

Did you know using your appliances at night made a difference? It is said that the easiest way to save on electricity is by running appliances at night. Utility companies charge higher rates during daylight hours when the most energy is consumed, at night the rates are significantly reduced in low-peak hours. Check out the rates in your area to find out the best times for you!

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Low Flow Shower Fixture

On average a shower lasts between 5- 10 minutes and uses around 60 liters of water in that time frame, this is according to The Green Age. That is a crazy amount of water, don’t you think? Water heating systems can add to your energy bill as well, therefore installing water saving systems will be helpful. Who knew a shower could be so expensive?

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Hanging Laundry Outdoors

Turn off that dryer and take a chance outside! Dryers can use a lot of energy so it is recommended that you use it only when necessary. Make use of the wind and sunshine outdoors and hang your clothes on the clothes line. Soak up some rays and enjoy the breeze!

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Install Outdoor Solar Lights

Solar energy is the best way to shave money off of your energy bill as it does not use electricity at all. Solar relies on the sun’s rays for power, outdoor solar lights soak up solar during the day for use at night. Remember solar is free!

We recommend that you give some of these suggestions a try some time. These useful tips can be used for all budgets and homes to make sure you use energy wisely. Your wallet and the environment will thank you for the effort you have made.

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  1. I do a lot of these and have actually become psycho about unplugging phone chargers and the like. like i now get irritated when i see them lying there plugged in. Also, my freezer is packed full 🥰🤣

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