12 Unexpected Uses For Toothpaste You Need To Try

When you think about toothpaste you may be thinking about keeping those pearly whites clean. Although oral hygiene is extremely important and toothpaste plays a major role in that, it can be used for many other things around the home. Did you know that the properties of toothpaste are powerful enough to remove stains and polish jewelry? There’s a lot more ways that you can make better use of your regular toothpaste. We have chosen some useful tips for you to try without breaking the bank! Take a look through our selection and discover some amazing hacks for using toothpaste.

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Cleaning Walls

If you have kids this one is great for you! Children can get extremely creative and use every area of the home as a canvas. Removing ink and crayons can be a nightmare, especially from white walls, now there’s no need to worry, toothpaste will do the trick. Give it a try I am sure you will be impressed with the results.

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Nail Polish Remover

This may sound bizarre but there is an active ingredient in nail polish remover that is also present in toothpaste. Crazy right? This hack is simple, just mix your toothpaste with water and lemon juice, to apply and clean use an old toothbrush. This simple combination will make cleaning your nails easy, a walk in the park!

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Removing Scuff And Cleaning Shoes

Toothpaste can be used to remove scuff from leather shoes and trainers. Use a drop of toothpaste and a rag and rub your boots clean! It works for white sneakers as well, making them look brand new! Time to give this tip a try and see those sneakers return from their demise and look cool. Who wouldn’t want good hygiene on their feet, I know I certainly would prefer that!

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Soothing Poison Ivy

Just one ounce of toothpaste diluted in water will dry up poison ivy and increase healing. When exposed the ingredients of toothpaste help with the irritation. Quick Tip! For a faster response rub the undiluted toothpaste on to the exposed area and feel the results for great comfort. Its great to know you can go to your bathroom cabinet instead of running to the pharmacy.

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Polish Chrome Sinks

Soap suds can be problematic, but toothpaste is the solution! Want to keep your bathroom and kitchen faucets shining like new? The solution sits in front of you, that is toothpaste, toothpaste helps to eliminated residue from soap and scuff marks. It smells great too! A few rubs and all the chrome on your house can be shiny and return to their former glory.

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Keep Your Iron Clean

The water marks and build-up that forms on your iron over time can be removed. There is no need to throw out the old one and break the bank, simply cool your iron and apply toothpaste then wipe clean. I like this a lot, too many times the iron has left my clothes in disarray, happy to know a little toothpaste can make the difference. Toothpaste sure seems like the eighth wonder of the world!

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Clean Foggy Headlights

Are you struggling to see at night while driving? Maybe your headlights are cloudy, headlight restoration is pricey and time consuming. Using toothpaste is quick, reasonable and easy! Apply toothpaste to the headlight and rub in a circular motion and wipe clean with a damp microfiber cloth. Voila! Your car beams can once again give the front of your vehicle a beautiful shine.

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Remove Carpet Stains

Carpets are subject to heavy use as they are in the family and dining rooms of a home and accidents happen. If you’re having a meal and spill tea or wine, there’s no need to panic. Grab some toothpaste, a sponge and a little wash, just rub and rinse until the stain is lifted. Don’t forget the elbow grease, the extra push makes the difference, you will be amazed how big of a difference toothpaste can make.

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Clean Baby And Children’s Bottles

Kids are known to hide stuff around the home, with these loveable tiny humans a bottle may disappear for hours. Removing that sour smell can be extremely difficult, however you can use toothpaste as a deodorizer for both baby and toddlers. It works great for milk and juice! If you find ridding the bottles of the smell a relief what about the baby or child who actually uses the bottle?

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Remove Scratches From Screens

Scratched your smartphone, tablet or watch? You’ve come to the right place! Toothpaste helps to remove light scratches from your device screens. It works with jewelry as well! Fix your watch face quickly with a drop of toothpaste and a rag, repeat until the surface is spotless. Phones and other devices are prone to accidents, so using something as simple as toothpaste to fix the issue is great.

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Clear Up Acne Fast!

Several ingredients found in toothpaste helps to dry out pimples overnight. Simply rub some non-whitening paste (Not Gel!) over the affected area, the next day it should be dried up. This old-time home remedy although effective, should not be used if you have sensitive skin or any skin conditions as it can irritate the skin. To know if it will be an issue, use a small amount on your hand and give it a few minutes.

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Bug Bites And Control

Toothpaste contains ingredients that can deter crawling insects, helping to rid your home of them. Toothpaste as helps sooth the irritation of bug bites and assist with developing symptoms, it provides a sense of relief to the affected area. This is a great option if you love the outdoors as the toothpaste can serve multiple purposes without fear of dealing with insects and bites.

We hope you found those 12 tips useful! Toothpaste can be used for much more than listed above, we encourage you to give them a try and see what works for you. Whether it’s for your teeth, wall or jewelry this magnificent hygiene products proves to be powerful!

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