12 Symptoms That Could Be Due To A High Sugar Intake

Everyone loves sugar, we all love sugar because it makes us happy. Research suggests that sugar triggers the release of dopamine in our brain, dopamine is called the happy chemical, it makes us feel good. We see sugar as a reward when we do something good and so do our brains; chocolate sure sounds like a great reward. What if we use too much sugar? Have you ever thought about kind of effects an overuse of sugar could have on the body?

Although sugar makes everything tastier, consuming too much can be harmful to your health. Too much sugar can result in the body not being able to absorb glucose fast enough thus causing an insulin resistance. This can be damaging to your liver and heart; before this happens, your body gives noticeable warning signs. To help you out, here is how to recognize a few signs that you are using too much sugar!

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Too Many Cavities

People with a sweet tooth are at risk of developing more cavities than the average person. When sugar is consumed it interacts with harmful bacteria in the mouth to produce acid, this attacks the teeth and causes decay. Switching out those sugary juices and candy for a glass of water sounds really good, but it takes effort as the cravings can be strong.

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Frequent Thirst

It is recommended that the average human drinks 6-8 glasses of water a day to help the body to function well. However, when you eat too much sugar, it runs to the bloodstream and makes you thirsty which increases the necessary daily limit. It also means that a check up with your doctor could be necessary for signs of diabetes as frequent thirst is associated with that as well.

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Increasing Headaches

Consuming excessive amounts of sugar is considered a risk factor for headaches. Consuming sugar in moderation isn’t said to be dangerous but there is a limit. Too much sugar increases insulin levels in the body which can result in a drop of blood sugar level that causes headaches, if this happens you should cut out most of the sugar and increase water intake.

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Aging Skin

As bazaar as this sign may seem it is very true and easy to spot. Excessive sugar consumption causes a chemical reaction called glycation which makes the skin age hastily. This causes the skin to be less elastic which creates wrinkles, in some cases the skin becomes dry. If you find this could be you then fighting the urge to consume lots of sugar should be a priority.

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Constant Sugary Cravings

Ever wondered why you were craving that sugary sprinkled donut? Sugar is sometimes compared to an addiction, when you eat sugary foods, blood sugar levels increase before falling quickly due to insulin release. As a result, you quickly look for more sugary foods for a recharge, thus the constant cravings. Nuts are said to help curb sugar cravings, although not a donut, nuts are better.

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Prolonged Anxiety

Fluctuating glucose levels as a result of overuse of sugar may cause complications to your mood. Sugar makes you happy by releasing the happy chemicals in the brain, the constant up and down can make you feel anxious. Research suggests that persons suffering from anxiety had a diet high in saturated fats and sugar, so if this is taken into consideration, a reduce sugar intake should help with any anxiety issues..

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Sugar For Stress Relief

When you feel pressured or anxious do you choose sugar for comfort? If you answered yes to this question, you may be becoming dependent on sugar for stress relief. Sugar offers short term relief for stress but it is not best for long term stress relief. Try relaxing music or some refreshing fruit infused water as that will help fulfill any desire that for more sugar in your diet. .

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Frequent Insomnia

Research suggests that persons who have difficulty sleeping have a diet high in sugary foods. Excessive sugar consumption can cause you to develop insomnia and increase stress levels. Using fresh fruits and vegetables are a great alternative to sugar and promote healthy sleep patterns. You can also research foods that help you sleep better as they are quite a few.

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Constant Hunger

The more sugary foods you consume, the hungrier you are going to get. Sugary foods are usually low in fiber and only satisfy hunger for short time. Studies have shown that consuming fructose impacts your ability to control your appetite. That candy is not looking so good now, is it? The power is in your hands, here is to better health!

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Frequent Need To Urinate

Sugar decreases the level of water reabsorbed by the kidneys, the more sugar you consume the more you will urinate. Sugar enters the urine when your blood sugar levels become too high which cause more water to be ejected. Grab some water to flush those kidneys as they are very vital to keeping your body healthy and free of many toxins that can affect the body!

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High Blood Pressure

Sugar can increase blood pressure in several ways, high fructose elevates the uric acid which increases blood pressure by inhibiting the nitric oxide (NO). Salt is usually the most studied factor in this area, however, consuming processed and added sugars increases the risk. High blood pressure is know to lead to other serious conditions that can end fatally.

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Excessive Sweating

Using sugary foods for a prolonged period causes your body to work extremely hard to regulate, this can result in constant perspiration. After eating sugary foods, it takes the body up to 30 minutes to release two hormones, cortisol and epinephrine which boost the heart rate and blood pressure, this causes sweating, so take this into consideration.

Although sugar is really tasty it also appears to be problematic when consumed constantly in large amounts. It is recommended that we seek alternatives to curb sugar cravings and consume more water. Sugar has the capability to cause obesity, heart disease and diabetes. Try switching candy for fresh fruity or chocolate for vegetable snacks, this will benefit you in the long run. Use sugar in moderation.

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