12 Everyday Foods We Eat That Are Man Made

Fruits and Vegetables are by far the best flavors nature has to offer, nutritious and delicious! We all love a freshly harvested fruit and mother nature offers a wide selection of treats. Although they come from nature, many of these nutritious delicacies are man-made. Yup, you read correctly! Don’t put the fruits and veggies down just yet.

We need fruits and vegetables as much as we love them. We will show you a few favorite treats that are actually man-made. We hope you will still enjoy them after reading this article, however, get ready to be mind-blown like never before. Enjoy these 12 fruits you won’t believe are man-made!

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Originating in china, the orange has gained popularity in many households as a form of vitamin c. The orange is actually a hybrid fruit that can be traced as a cross between the mandarin and a pomelo. Would you have thought of that? The next time you go to buy oranges you now know they are a product of man’s invention.

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The Delightful banana is another man-made treat that is an apparent blend of wild musa acuminata and musa balbisiana species. These species are not very tasty; however, the mixing of the breeds created the delicious banana we see today. Who doesn’t love a tasty banana? Would you try a wild banana species, do you think they would taste the same?

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The Grapefruit originated in Barbados; it has a rich history that can be traced back to 1693. It is said to have been crossed when Captain Shaddock shipped pomelo seeds to the West Indies. The pomelo and orange trees cross pollinated, forming the grapefruit. Nature is truly amazing and shows the flexibility of the citrus fruit!

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The delicious strawberry we love is man-made, the sweet red berry is a favorite to many. It is said to have originated from a hybrid of the wild strawberry. The strawberry we know today was introduced in the 18th century in the French region. The wild strawberry is know to be much sweeter and can be found in many regions of the United States.

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Did you know carrots were inedible? It is reported that in roman times the natural color of carrots was white or purple. Yes, the carrots we eat today are a hybrid of the yellow carrot which is a hybrid of the white inedible version. Isn’t that amazing, that man can take that which isn’t edible and may it possible to be consumed by humans?

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Cauliflower is a member of the Brassica oleracea species, others in this group include broccoli, cabbage, kale and brussels sprouts. The cauliflower was formed from the wild mustard species which becomes kohlrabi. It just goes to show what any plant can become if man puts their mind to changing the way it looks, taste and grows.

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Brussels Sprouts

Brussels sprouts resemble tiny cabbage heads, this is because they are a member of the Gemmifera Group of cabbages. Many might have speculated that the vegetable was man-made, and they were correct! Brussels sprouts are a hybrid between wild mustard and kohlrabi. The next time you eat your brussels sprouts just remember that they are a combination of vegetables.

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Would you have thought that broccoli was man- made? Things that make you go hmmm. This favorite vegetable is a hybrid of kohlrabi similar to that of cauliflower. Broccoli is said to have originated in the Japanese region. Despite having its origins as a man made product, the vegetable is a popular staple on many tables and is high in nutrients.

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This green leafy vegetable is growing in popularity around the world. Kale emerged from the selective breeding of the wild mustard. It is said to have originated in the Mediterranean and Anatolian regions. The leafy green is great in shakes, salads and used as a chip replacement, awesome what men can come up with right?

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Collard Greens

Collard greens are a staple in many American southern homes, but did you know that the beloved collard green is man-made? It is said that over 2000 years ago this loose leafed green was created by blending the seeds of the wild mustard with larger leaves. I bet you will think about that at the dinner table and see all those lovely greens before you.

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Peanuts are a great snack, whether roasted, with honey or raisins this healthy alternative has great reputation. However, the peanuts we love are a hybrid of two older species. That’s right, you saw correctly. The peanut is a product of cross pollination, it is a blend of the Arachis Ipaensis and the Arachis duranensis. How is that for a tongue twister?

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Scientists have not figured out the science surrounding the modern almond we know. As you might have guessed, this modern almond was man-made. It is said to be a cross of the wild almond which is slightly less appetizing than what we are accustomed to. Science may not be clear on the creation but it doesn’t need to tell us how delicious almonds are!

Are you as mind-blown as we are? These fun facts will make choosing snacks and dinner a bit more interesting, that’s for sure. Although man-made these fruits and vegetables carry many nutrients that are essential to our well being, as the world evolves so will our food. Will you create the next delicious man-made treat? It just goes to show that many of the things we eat have been around so long, we had no idea they are a by product of human invention.

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