12 Body Functions You Never Knew Existed

Your body is a marvelous functioning mass of cells, muscle, bones and such like. There are many things about your body that may surprise you. These are things you may do without consideration of why you do them and what it actually means. The list of things I am about to share have been explain by experts who give their view after years of research. If you are looking to learn more about your body, you are in for a treat. Check out these 12 things you may not know about your body.


We all blink at least 25,000 to 30,000 times per day and for good reason. Experts have a term for blinking; they called it a micronap. Each time you blink your body recharges in that brief span, giving you more energy through the day to be alert and responsive. Every time you blink I am sure you will remember this from now on.

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Big Eyed

Beauty has many characteristics according to various ideologies. One of these ideas is the attractiveness of big eyed persons. However, experts believe that persons with this attribute will have nearsighted vision problems as time goes by. This will cause images that are near to appear blurry and hard to distinguish.

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For some strange reason no individual can actually tickle themselves no matter how hard they try. The reason is related to your brain as it detects that you are about to touch yourself by your movements and created a counter to the touch. That mean try as you may your brain won’t be tricked into the tickling sensation.

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Stomach Power

Experts say the acid in your stomach is so powerful and acidic that it can dissolve certain metals. Thin metals like razor blades for example wouldn’t survive very long inside your stomach. When it comes into contact with the acid it begins to dissolve until nothing is left. Good to know if you mistakenly swallow something metallic, but there is no reason to test the theory.

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Long Bowels

The intestines in our stomach are a work of wonder. It can amaze persons how the intestines can wrap itself in a particular way that is stays unnoticed by the body. The intestines in our stomach when unraveled and stretch to capacity are much longer than our entire body, up to four times as long. This is something to think about considering the size of our tummies.

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Earwax Health

This will be a tough one for many of us to swallow; I know I am guilty of removing wax from my ear. However, this phenomenon serves a very good purpose as it protects your ear from infection and dust that floats through the air. It may seem unhygienic to see someone with wax in their ear but it does serve a purpose. I usually remove the outer layer and leave the rest behind for protection.

Credit: Medical News Today

Memory Sitting

This one is definitely mind boggling for me, but experts agree that how you sit can make a difference. If you sit in a particular way, it can affect your memory which is horrible. I say horrible because as a writer you sit when producing content, having a memory block isn’t healthy for that or any other situation.

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Nail Growth

It is believed that the nails on your fingers and toes are growing much faster than any other time in history. The reason that this particular instance is occurring is due to the protein rich diet in which persons partake. The experts are convinced that more protein causes the nails to be nourished hence the growth rate increase.

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Dirty Hair

No one likes dirty hair, but according to scientists that is better for the environment. The experts believe that shampoo doesn’t help the environment as the oil in the scalp traps many of the pollutants in the atmosphere. My concern would be this: who wants pollutants in their hair? I leave it to you guys to decide what is best.

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Hair Tasters

This is another shocker for me as I never knew that the hair in your nostrils and lungs could taste. According to researchers, these fine hairs can taste when anything bitter passes through the area and remove it. These hairs are responsible for removing impurities from the passing through your air passage.

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Every muscle in your body joins two or more bones together. This is not so when it comes to the tongue, it is the only muscle in the body that doesn’t do this. No worries as it serve its purpose very well. I am sure you enjoy what you eat and that is mainly due to your tongue. It is adjoined to the hyoid bone which is part of your neck.

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Hand Strength

Imagine something so small as your pinkie or little finger can hold such power. It is said that at least half of your arm strength is in your little finger. If you are in doubt you can test it for yourself. The reason: It has been designed this way to give you a strong grip. Without that pinkie you would lose a lot of your hand strength, hence your grip.

I hope you found the information shared helpful and amazing. It is just fantastic to know so much more about your body. It is truly a thing of beauty and we should cherish and care for it. I am sure the next time you blink, eat something or take a deep breath you will remember how important all those body functions are to your entire body.

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