12 Foods That Build Strong Healthy Bones

We all need to strong bones to maintain good posture and enhance our overall health. If our bones are weak it makes it difficult to bare the weight generated by the fat and muscles of our body. Your bones are similar to the foundation of a house; if the foundation is weak the entire structure is in danger of collapsing. The bones in your body must be able to bare you up so strong bones are essential. Now that we have established the importance of healthy bones, let us look at 12 foods that promote strong bones.

Almonds promote strong and healthy bones due to its calcium, protein and magnesium content. An ounce of almonds contain about 75 mg of calcium and we all know how important calcium is to the bones. The beauty about almond is that they can be eaten by themselves or added to other dishes. You can also blend them in shakes for a nutritious drink.

Artichokes are full of magnesium, calcium and vitamin C. You can buy these fresh from the market or canned. I prefer fresh. but the canned version still contains many of the nutrients you will need for healthy bones. Adding artichokes to your diet is easier if you use them with other veggies when preparing meals.

Asparagus is another bone builder due to its high calcium content. This popular vegetable also contains vitamin C. K and A, and magnesium. Most people roast asparagus, you can season them with garlic and lime or lemon juice to give them flavor. You can add them to green shakes if you prefer a more simpler method.

Bok Choy
Bok Choy contains lots of calcium, magnesium and vitamin K. Other nutrients include zinc and iron which promotes overall health. This leafy vegetable is a great addition to stir fry, and can be added to rice and soups for an additional leafy appearance. This is another good way to be sure you are getting enough nutrients for strong bones.

Brazil Nuts
If you love nuts then you are in for a treat as Brazil nuts will help provide the body with the necessary nutrition for healthy bones. These nuts include calcium, magnesium and protein and are considered a great energy booster. You can eat these nuts fresh from the grocery store or add them to salads and shakes.

Broccoli is a popular food for athletes and those who want to be healthy. Many add this vegetable to green shakes and they taste great when steamed or used in stir fry. Broccoli is full of calcium and other important nutrients that strengthens bones and promotes total well-being. A little lemon juice and pepper will add a kick to the flavor of this veggie.

Cashews are very tasty and are packed with magnesium, and some level of calcium and vitamin K. They taste great all on their own, but can be used to make cheese or hummus for those who prefer a vegan diet. You can have this nut in milk form or buy fresh and make your own milk. Whatever you do with this nut, it is delicious and good for your bones.

Collard Greens
Collard greens are very versatile as you can make green shakes and also add them to soups and other types of food. They can be steamed or fried to make chips or even added to salads. They contain calcium and vitamin K which our bones need. It is believed that calcium is absorbed by the body easier from leafy greens.

Egg Yolks
The yoke of the egg is a very good supporter of strong bones. It is full of vitamin D and can be used in various ways. If you donโ€™t get enough sunlight then using the egg yolk is a great alternative. You can add them to various dishes or just cook them, some people add them to drink, but be aware of salmonella poisoning.

Figs is one of the few fruits on this list that provide the body with much needed nutrition to aid in healthy bone development. Figs are rich in potassium, calcium and magnesium which are very important nutrients for the body. They can be eaten fresh or added to other foods like yogurt or cereals.

Flaxseed is considered a superfood due to its omega 3, which is vital for heart health. It is also very good for the development of strong bones and can be grounded to add to many dishes and drinks. Itโ€™s a quick fix for cereals and shakes if you love those types of foods. It is wise to store flaxseed in the freezer to protect is viability.

Grapefruit is a great weight loss fruit for those who want to lose those unwanted pounds around the stomach. It is also great for strong bones as the vitamin C content is helpful in building collagen for strong bones. You can add the juice to salad and drinks or eat the fruit fresh, all of the above will help the body.

It is so amazing that these fruits, nuts and vegetables can make the difference in your life if you take the time to consume them. Healthy bones means a healthy you, so please take the time to enjoy these types of food to maintain strong bones necessary for an active life, I wish you well!

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  1. Have never tried artichokes, and only heard of bok choy a few years ago. Most of the others I eat on a regular basis, but flax seed was never my thing. Didn’t know you could have it ground as it was always ‘boiled’ when I was a kid. Yuk.

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