Lifestyle Changes To Help You Cope With Stress

Are you ready to make a change to drive your lifestyle in the right direction? If you are struggling with stress in your daily life you may need to make some simple changes to avert long-term problems. If you often feel tired and struggle to catch up on sleep or if you have prolonged headaches and muscles pain these could be signs that you need relief.

Ongoing stress could be detrimental to your health in many ways, which can include insomnia a short-term effect. More long-term effects could include infertility and heart problems or even death. Stress relief requires small consistent changes in your day-to-day life, we have constructed a list of simple lifestyle changes to help you. Although some of these are not immediate, you can give them a try and see what helps you to unwind.


Hugging Someone

A simple and easy stress relief hack that is proven to work is a regular hug, hugging someone can be very comforting which provides some much-needed stress relief. Based on research hugging gets rid of excess tension and stress, the warm embrace provides a level of social support. Share a hug a day, someone could really benefit from it.


Stress Relieving Exercises

When you think about stress relief exercise techniques immediately comes to mind. Some exercises similar in nature to yoga are the ultimate stress busters and can regulate stress hormones in women, according to a study done by the University of Texas. So, get in position find what works for you and relieve some stress.


Chatting With Friends And Family

Healthy social connections have a major impact on your well-being, your friends and family are the best support during stressful times. The National Health Service recommends talking to your relatives and friends about any issues. Pick up the phone, go for a visit or even send a quick message.


Snacking On Dark Chocolate

This must be the yummiest stress reliever in history! Although this may seem odd and unhealthy, researchers from the Loma Linda University Adventist Health Sciences Center showed that eating dark chocolate has a positive impact on brain function. Get to the store and stock up on sweet stress relief. Be sure to get Dark Chocolate.


Help Others Around You

We all have our own problems; however, we are our brother’s keeper and as such should lend a listening ear or helping hand. While you are offering support to others you are also helping yourself relieve tension. Volunteering to support other in their time of need will pay off for you in the near future. Help someone.


Enjoy Some Green Tea

Green tea is super refreshing, and can be enjoys as a hot beverage or as an ice tea with lemon. Studies have shown that sipping green tea helps to curb stress and depression as it boosts serotonin and dopamine in the body. Brew a pitcher and enjoy! The caffeine free version is best as it is better for you.


Practice Positive Thoughts

You are your worst critic. Sometimes we are a lot tougher on ourselves because of the expectations we set. Although you are not alone in this, inner negativity makes stress a lot worse. Try adopting a positive mindset and congratulate yourself a lot more, find the good in each situation. NHS advises that writing gratitude notes will help you to have a more positive outlook.


Cuddle With Your Pets

Dogs are called mans best friend and fury felines help our feelings. These saying are true as pets help with daily stress management. Research shows that animal contact can help reduce the stress parameters in your body. Animals as companion can be a positive thing especially when no humans are around.


Just say NO

Do you have a difficult time saying no? Do you often find yourself putting others ahead of your plans just so you wouldn’t have to say no? Unfortunately, you are adding unnecessary stress to your life. Try saying no politely and assertively, you will feel better immediately. There will be times you have to say no, if you want to be able to help when it is really needed.


Make Time For ‘You’

The National Health Service suggests that making time for yourself to relax and enjoy things you love aids in stress relief. Having ‘you time’ is as important as socializing with others. Read a book, hit the beach or go for a walk these small steps will be effective. Try assigning three evenings a week for you. A little me time will benefit you and those around you.


Listening To Music

Music is said to be the best stress reliever as it has a direct influence of your mood. Drowning the rest of the world out with music can reduce your anxiety, blood pressure and heart rate. As the saying goes “Headphones in: World out”. Just remember temperance in all things is good.


Breathing Exercises

We inhale and exhale as a necessity, however, when stress becomes too much and you become overwhelmed, this simple exercise has calming effects. Studies have shown that deep breathing techniques can reduce stress and boost heart health. Take a break, inhale the best and exhale the stress.

These simple tips can be adopted for home or at work, most of the stress people experience occurs mostly in the work environment. Worry less about what you can’t control and more about your healthy lifestyle. Making small changes can go along way and bring quality to your life and those with whom you associate. Simple changes like these can make the world of difference.

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