Barbados Hiking And Walking Experiences

Barbados hiking and walking experiences cover the island traversing its hills and plains dotted across the landmass. The northern part of the island offers some fantastic places to hike with breathtaking views. The south has a more step-like structure that rises higher from the beach to the more central parishes. Then you will find a few valleys in the St.George region before climbing again to the countryside.

This structure can describe Barbados’s landscape with its views all around and tracks and trails for exploration. Today, I will share the hiking trails and walking tours that this little island offers, so follow and be informed as you seek to know more about Barbados.

Barbados morning hikes

Barbados Morning Hike

There are hikes hosted by The National Trust of Barbados, which happen every week. The Trust is a government organization that seeks to preserve Barbados’ history by protecting individual buildings and landmarks. The morning hike begins at 6:00 am and takes you through various trails across the island. The walks can range from five miles to fourteen miles in depending on the route. It is best to wear walking shoes and proper attire that protect your skin.

Barbados Afternoon Hike

The hike from the afternoon to evening is a bit different. This one allows persons to stop and enjoy the views all around. This hike commences at 3:30 pm and is the only one where you can “stop and stare,” allowing hikers to see more of Barbados. The trails comprise gullies with lots of vegetation, grasslands, and cane fields.

Barbados Moonlight Walk

This hike is the most adventurous of the three walks mentioned. It begins at 5:30 and allows persons to experience the outback of Barbados in the dark. The sun will set in the distance shortly after the hike begins. The sun usually sets between 5:30 and 6:30 pm depending on the time of the year. Thirty minutes after sunset, the island is dark, so the walk is a fascinating and daring one.

Barbados Capital

There is a tour that allows persons to experience Bridgetown, the capital of Barbados. This tour is called the Black Pearl Bridgetown Walking Tour and will last for two hours. The walk begins at 11:00 am and finishes at 1:00 pm. This tour has a guide who will share precious information about the city and its environs. You will visit the parliament buildings, a synagogue, churches, and parks.

Barbados Scotland District

Barbados Coco Hill Forest

Barbados is only 166 square miles, yet it has a little forest of its own. The Coco Hill Forest’s location is Richmond Road, Mt. Wilton in St.Joseph. The forest is in the Scotland District area, where many preservation activities have been ongoing. The forest is an attempt to save many plants and protect wildlife on the island. Locals and visitors are welcome to take a walking tour of the woods. Regular times for guided tours is 10:00 am to 2:00 pm.

Barbados Boardwalk Hikes

Barbados has two boardwalks that spread along its coastline. There is one in Bridgetown that is the shorter of the two and the other in Hastings. These boardwalks are great for taking relaxed walks and enjoying the sea and different views along the coast. They won’t be thrilling like some of the other hikes, but older persons will find them desirable.

Barbados Riding Hikes

It isn’t normal to hear of a hike and think bicycle. However, it is something you can do in Barbados. Ebike Island Adventures offers visitors and locals an opportunity to see Barbados via an electric bike. The bicycle has electric peddle assist, which helps people riding the trails to get over inclines as they explore the backcountry. It is a good option for anyone who finds riding more comfortable than walking for whatever reason.

Barbados Fun walks

This island has what we called fun walks during certain times of the year. Anyone can sign up to receive a shirt and prizes at the end if you do well. If you choose to go but not sign up, that is fine; however, be aware you won’t qualify for any prizes offered at that time. The most popular walks are The Nation Fun Walk and The Cancer Society Walk.

Barbados welchman hall gully

Barbados Hiking Areas

These are some of the places you will find yourself if you try hiking or walking in Barbados. Tent Bay to Hillcrest offers beautiful views along the coast and covers about 2 miles. Bath Beach to Martins Bay is longer and is around 6 miles; it takes you along the island’s east coast. The Welchman Hall Gully is a popular destination for most hiking tours as well.

These are some of the main contributors to hiking and walking tours in Barbados. You may find small groups of individuals doing their own thing, but that might not cater to visitors. This reality doesn’t mean that some locals won’t help if their help is required; however, visitors should find Barbados hiking and walking tours worth the effort.

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