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Codrington College in Barbados is the birthplace of the Anglican’s Church oldest theological institute in the Americas. According to their official website, the colleges’ establishment was due to Christopher Codrington, the third. Today this landmark is a popular attraction with locals and visitors to the island. Patrons can take a tour of the grounds for a small fee, which helps with the property’s upkeep. If you want to know why you should visit this place, keep reading as we explore what Codrington College has to offer. The colleges’ location is Sargeant Street in the parish of St.John, so be prepared to travel.

Barbados Codrington College sign

Barbados Codrington College History Summary

Earlier I had mentioned that Christopher Codrington, the third, was responsible for establishing the college. According to historians, he left money and books at his death to carry on the work of teaching theology and medicine. The college started building in 1715 and finished in 1743; in 1745, it officially opened after many delays. During his lifetime, Codrington had debates about teaching slaves and poor whites about Christ and education. Despite the push back by plantation owners, those in charge of his estate saw his dreams become a reality.

Barbados Codrington College Grounds

The property has a chapel, a school, a pond, a playground, and a picnic area. The college is a distance from the main road, with a long driveway that leads up to the property. The driveway has tall palm trees on either side, creating a grand entrance to the place. The grounds surround the structure with beautiful views in the back overlooking the Atlantic ocean.

Barbados Codrington College fish pond

Barbados Codrington College Pond

The grounds of the college has a pond which is popular with visitors to the area. The pond has fish that you will see swimming around among pond lilies. Ducks are also an attraction of the pond; you are allowed to feed the fish and ducks, but not to take any. The pond’s water comes from a natural spring that runs through the property.

Barbados Codrington College Picnic Areas

The college grounds have many trees and picnic tables scattered around the property for anyone wishing to have a picnic there. The environment is large, and you can play games on the playing field. There is also a play park for the kids to enjoy while you take a break.

Barbados Codrington College grounds

Barbados Accommodation

Barbados has many places where you can stay, but if you wanted to stay close by, there are some places you can go. The nearest hotels are in the east of the island and include Crane Resort Barbados, Hilton Grand Vacations, Manderley Villas, all in the parish of St.Philip. You can also check out those in the parish of St.Joseph, like Rest Haven Beach Cottage, Atlantis Hotel, Round House, and others. Remember to check Airbnb for more options if you prefer a guesthouse for more privacy.

Barbados Transport To Codrington College

If you take the route seven (Sargeant’s Street) bus from the Fairchild Street Bus Terminal in Bridgetown, it will put you next to the college. You can take route nine “A” bus (Society) from the same terminal as well. I have mentioned many times that renting a vehicle or hiring a taxi is an option. These options depend on your needs and pocket, you decide.

Barbados Codrington College entryway

Barbados Food

Codrington College is close to the village of Sargeant’s Street. This village has shops where persons can purchase food and drink or other items. Suppose you plan to spend time at the college, enjoying the grounds, etc. It is wise to walk with your picnic basket, that makes life much more comfortable.

Barbados Codrington College Opening Hours

The college opens at 9:00 am and closes at 6:00 pm Barbados time. For anyone who enters the property and views its surroundings, a fee requirement is mandatory, and you can also contribute to the upkeep of the place. For more information about Codrington College, you can visit

You can read a lot about the college, but you can only grasp its beauty and significance after visiting. If you plan to come to our lovely island, add Codrington College in Barbados to your list of things to do. You will find this site worth the drive and the time.

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