Xardija’s Bajan Pickle Recipe

This Bajan pickle recipe is another great product from Xardija’s that many Barbadians enjoy with various dishes like black pudding, buljol and chicken feet. You can follow the instructions below and create your own pickle delicacy and have a piece of Barbados with you!


4 Medium Grated or Chopped Cucumbers
1 Large Grated Onion
½ Cup Chopped Parsley
1 Tsp Chopped Thyme
2 Tbsps Lime Juice or Lemon Juice
2 Chopped Hot Peppers (Optional)
1 Tsp Pepper Sauce
Salt to Taste


1. In a large bowl mix all ingredients into cucumbers; Mix well
2. Add salt
3. Add additional pepper and lime for desired taste
4. Pour over any pickled dish (E.g., breadfruit, green bananas, or steamed pudding)
5. Or use to pickle any meats (Chicken feet, breast or wings and Saltfish Buljol)
6. Best served chilled

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