Barbados Andromeda Gardens Paradise

The Barbados Andromeda Gardens is a place of beauty and intrigue. The location of this attraction is Bathsheba in the parish of St.Joseph. The gardens offer a splendid display of colors and a variety of plants, trees, and shrubs. When you visit this place, you will see why it is considered one of Barbados’s most beautiful places. The site has the look of a retreat, with most of the inside area enclosed from the outside. If you want to see spectacular foliage or a place to have a special event, this is the spot for you. Today we feature Andromeda Gardens and what to expect.

Barbados Andromeda Gardens

History of Barbados Andromeda Gardens

Iris Bannochie started the garden in 1954 and under the control of the Barbados National Trust. Bannochie collected the plants found in the gardens during her trips overseas. Since then, the staff and volunteers added many more plants to keep her dream alive. Many of the plants were gifts as well, to help support her vision. Today the gardens stand as a tribute to the hard work she did. You can learn more about her story when you visit the official website of the gardens. Visit for more information.

Barbados Recognition

The gardens of Andromeda received international recognition for its outstanding work in creating a place of beauty. Andromeda received the 2020 Travelers Choice Award from TripAdvisor, a well-known travel platform. This well-deserved honor has planted Andromeda Gardens as a place to visit when in Barbados. You need to come and see why they presented this award.

Barbados Andromeda Gardens

The Grounds of the Barbadian Garden

The surrounding landscape consists of different garden locations and ponds of waters scattered across the acreage. The building of steps and structures helps make the garden come alive with color and offer shade in some places. There are lawns of grass in some areas which allow persons to gather for functions and to relax. A close look at the ponds will reveal fish swimming gracefully around.

Barbados Events

If you are desirous of having a garden wedding, call Andromeda Gardens and talk to their representatives. The gardens have been the backdrop of many wedding occasions for both locals and visitors. The venue makes for excellent photo opportunities during the wedding and the reception. Take a look at the website and see the gallery section for more about this. The cool of the garden creates a lovely and romantic atmosphere for the groom and bride.

Barbados Andromeda Gardens

Barbados Garden Volunteer Project

The gardens have an internship and volunteer project that allows students and others to rear and preserve the plants. If you visit their website, you will see the section on education. It showcases photos and information about the project. This practice is a simple way to give back to the nurturing of the attraction, free to locals.

Barbados Transport

The way to Andromeda Gardens can get a bit complicated if you don’t know where you are going. If you are visiting by bus, you will need to catch the Bathsheba bus on gate six from Fairchild Street Bus Terminal in Bridgetown. If you are coming from Speightstown, you can get the Bathsheba bus from Gate two at Speightstown Bus Terminal. Hiring a private taxi is much easier but more expensive on the pocket. You can rent a vehicle, get a map or use Google location services.

Barbados Andromeda Gardens

Barbados Restaurants Near Andromeda Gardens

There are several restaurants within a mile of the Andromeda Gardens. If you want somewhere close by where you can have a bite and refresh yourself, these are some of the places you can visit. Seaside bar, Dina’s Bar & Cafe, Round House, Atlantis Restaurant, and Eco Lifestyle + Lodge are close.

Barbados Reviews About Andromeda Gardens

Anyone who has ever encountered the complexity of reviews knows that sometimes you can’t base a decision on what others say. You will find personal reviews that say positive and others with negative comments. My suggestion would be to see for yourself; this is the best way to know if the place is worth the visit.

Barbados Andromeda Gardens

My conclusion regarding the Barbados Andromeda Gardens is a straightforward one. This place is beautiful and has a feeling of serenity most people would love. To understand what I am trying to portray, you have to go and experience for yourself. There are hundreds if not thousands of varieties of trees, plants, shrubs, and flowers to behold. This knowledge is enough to visit the gardens. Yet you will experience much more as you see the designs that developed from someone’s imagination.

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